Ruby Sphalerite – Brecciated Chert


Ruby Sphalerite on Brecciated Chert  (SOLD)

This is a one of a kind item that came from the collection of the Hempen family. It was donated by family to the Tri-State Mineral Museum located in Joplin MO. We purchased the piece during an annual rock and gem show held there at the museum.

The mines in the area from where the rock came flooded in 1970 making it a great find!

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This is a very nice cabinet specimen of Ruby Sphalerite on Brecciated Chert. Sphalerite ((Zn,Fe)S) is the main ore of Zinc and contains mostly zinc sulfide and can contain varying amounts of iron. The amount of iron it contains gives the crystals their color. Ruby Sphalerite gets its name from the red iridescence within the grayish black crystals.

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