Geodes come is many shapes and sizes and are hollow with crystals inside

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Geodes are hollow earth like spheres to eccentrically shaped stones or rocks that have formed over many, many, years. In the cavities, geodes can have crystals and or mineral deposits that exhibit beautiful colors, shapes, textures and sizes.

Geodes are form in two basic ways:

In bubbles that form during volcanic activity trapping various gases and minerals. As they begin to cool and harden over time, the minerals crystallize and begin to form. Depending on the minerals various gasses, well defined crystals can form.

They can also form in sedimentary rock over time. Due to water movement from erosion, floods, ground water, rivers, and so on. Mud laced with various minerals will flow through and around rocks, over burls, through plant and tree roots. This movement creates hollow cavities of mud and various mineral deposits will get trapped inside. Over thousands of years the muds turn to stone and the trapped minerals will form the crystals or mineral deposits.

The crystals inside can be various sizes, shapes, and colors. Amethyst crystals, clear to smokey quartz, calcite crystals to druzy crystals to name just a few.


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