Chrysocolla is a blue-green mineral and will enhance any collection

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Chrysocolla is a blue-green mineral that provides a beautiful color to the mineral world making it a great addition to any collection. Chrysocolla occurs in oxidation zones of copper rich ore bodies and has no particular shape or crystalline form.

In its purest form, Chrysocolla is very soft and fragile, making it great for collecting, but not for use in jewelry making. However, like many minerals when they become agatized in quartz, it becomes useful for polishing and therefore can be used to make beautiful jewelry. The quartz is what gives it its durability making it possible to polish the stone.

Its colors can resemble turquoise that can be passed off as the more valuable semi-precious stone. Swirling bands of blue and green colors mixed with druzy quartz can create some very stunning and expensive pieces of jewelry

  • Chemical Makeup: (Cu,Al)2{H2Si2O5)(OH)4•nH2O
  • Classification: Mineral (Silicates)
  • Hardness: 2 – 4
  • Colors: Unique green-blue but can vary widely from more blue to greener, often in the same specimen.
  • Appearance: Translucent to opaque
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