Collectible of the Week

Our collectible of the week is a large amber to an orangy colored specimen of Creedite with traces of green Fluorite hiding amongst the clusters of Creedite crystals.   This beauty weighs in at 7 pounds 3 ounces and just radiates with crystals.

I acquired this specimen along with several others from a Rock Shop along HWY 71 in Arkansas on one of my many trips to Mt. Ida, the self-proclaimed quartz capital of the world.  The label indicated the specimen came from the Navidad mine, in Abasolo, Rodeo, Durango, in the country of Mexico.

The crystals have a vitreous to a greasy appearance and according to Wikipedia, Creedite is a calcium aluminum sulfate fluoro hydroxide mineral with the formula: Ca3Al2SO4(F,OH)10·2(H2O).

We will be offering smaller specimens of beautiful creedite crystal clusters on our website soon. So you too can enjoy and study this fascinating cluster of crystals in your collection.