Red Phantom Quartz Crystal Cluster

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Pictured is a beautiful and very rare red phantom quartz crystal cluster.
The color is a pinkish, to reddish, to rustic with well-defined phantoms. The points are in good to excellent condition and have sharp flat surfaces.

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Red Phantom Quartz

The Red Phantom Quartz Crystal Cluster pictured above has a coating impurities of the Iron Oxide Hematite (Fe2O3). This gives it an outer crust like surface responsible for the color.

Phantom crystals are ghost like crystals seen inside of the original. They form when the first crystal’s growth pauses and another mineral, in this case, Hematite forms over the original. Then the crystal continues to grow to encapsulate the impurity.

Quartz (SiO2) alone is very common, with hematite, found just about anywhere. However, it’s not so common for the two to form a Red Phantom Crystal making this a great find.

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